Summary of 2018 Annual Meeting


For those who weren’t in attendance, our 2018 annual meeting was held last night.  A copy of the meeting notes have been posted on our Meeting Minutes page.  In summary:


  • Brian Foster was elected into the role of President (The role of Secretary is currently vacant)
  • Winnie Cordero was elected to serve another 2 year term in the role of Treasurer
  • Trevor Mankus was elected to serve another 2 year term in the role of At-Large
  • Dave Stevens and Michael Hartranft were elected to serve a 2 year term in the role of At-Large members

Thank you to all past board members who are no longer volunteering their time.  All of your work is very appreciated.  Please be patient as we are in the process of updating our contact information and email addresses for our new board members.

New Business – Phase I Tot-Lot (We need your help!)

One topic up for discussion last night was the future of the Phase 1 tot-lot at the entrance of our neighborhood.  As noted by many board members, the current state of the playground in this lot is inadequate and may be a cause for safety concerns.  As a result of this discussion, the Board has decided to seek additional community feedback and guidance before making any final decisions on the future of this lot.  We would like to form a volunteer committee to explore pricing and options associated with removal, repair, or replacement options.  If you are interested in participating in this committee, please contact us.

Electronic Payments

The Board voted last night to approve electronic payments as an additional option for our residents to pay their annual dues.  Residents are encouraged to continue to make their annual payments via the mailer that gets provided each year.  Online payments is an alternative method that may be used.  Once logged in, members may access our online payment system by clicking hereNote that the merchant that processes the payments has a surcharge associated each transaction.


Thank you,

The Board